Below is a list and a brief description of all the Urus utilities! you can go to their Articles to know more.

  1. Aurox Screener

  2. Aurox Scanner

  3. Defi Apes

  4. AI Indicator

  5. Alerts/Signals

Aurox Screener

The Screener requires 75 Urus tokens to access.

This screener is the first iteration, and will allow you to scan 50+ coins for specific triggers across 11 indicators. You’ll be able to check for bullish and bearish movements across indicators such as DI, DMI, MACD, etc., and filter out coins which aren’t at pivotal moments.

Aurox Scanner

The Scanner requires 75 Urus tokens to access.
The Aurox Scanner gives you the ability to categorize based on Indicator, Interval or Coin.

Defi Apes

Defi Apes will requires 200 Urus tokens to access.

Defi Apes will be able to detect coins that are taking off before major movements happen with small cap tokens.

AI Indicator

This indicator is currently in beta, and will soon be locked up for users holding more than 200 tokens.

This indicator is based on the original Aurox Indicator, but has

been optimized using Machine Learning.

The strategy behind this indicator is similar to the default Aurox

Indicator. Therefore read the guides related to them and apply

the same strategies. However, guides for this indicator will be

released soon...

The indicator is trained on a specific interval basis. Meaning

some intervals might be good, others might not be, depending

on the pair you're using. Based on our tests, intervals that are

used often by every day traders, such as 5M, 15M, 30M, 1H, 4H,

etc. are the most accurate.



A new Signal telegram channel has been set up for $URUS token holders.

Users who have 3 tokens or more in their wallet will be able to authorize their Wallets and join the channel. The bot will automatically ban/kick users that move or sell tokens out of their wallets.

The Invite link to the channel is:


Alerts will require 3 Urus tokens to access.

You can set alerts from the supported list of coins that are actively updated upon the request of users .

The alerts support all the general indicators available on the platform along with the Aurox indicator. Currently we support alerts for 30 mins, 1 day, 1 hour, 1 week, 4 hour, 1 month, 12 hour. You can receive the alerts via webhooks and emails. Currently we support the BEP20 and ERC20 version of the coins on the platform

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