A new Signal telegram channel has been set up for $URUS token holders.

Users who have 3 tokens or more in their wallet will be able to authorize their Wallets and join the channel. The bot will automatically ban/kick users that move or sell tokens out of their wallets.

Please Note: If you’re staking or liquidity mining with all of your tokens, you will not be able to join automatically as the bot won’t be able to check for those tokens. If you fall into one of those two groups, please DM one of the admins or mods and they can manually authorize you the access to the channel.

The Invite link to the channel is: https://aurox.app/SignalChannel

Step 1:

Go To https://aurox.app/SignalChannel via Telegram Desktop or your phone. ( here were using Telegram Via Phone).

You will be redirected to a Chat Like below.

Step: 2

Click on Connect Highlighted in red at the bottom

Step: 3

Click on “WalletConnect”

Step: 4

Choose your preferred wallet. (Here we have used TrustWallet)

Step: 5

Click on Connect highlighted in red

Step: 6

Click on Confirm highlighted in red

After this, you will be added into the Signals group!

Please let us know if you run into any issues or have any problems!


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