URUS is a cross-chain asset. Meaning you can transfer the Urus Token from Ethereum network to Binance Network with minimal effort. Independent on which chain the token is bought on, it will always be supported by our company.

A maximum amount of 1 million tokens were minted, some were distributed on BSC, and some on ETH. Users are free to transfer their tokens back and forth as they please.

This can be done by utilizing BurgerSwap. In the section below, we'll discuss how to convert ERC20 Urus Token into BEP20 Urus Token.

URUS ERC20 Token Address - 0x6c5fbc90e4d78f70cc5025db005b39b03914fc0c

URUS BEP20 Token Address - 0x33a46b5b71f4689ff290da93e08972917a5e6634

Using BurgerSwap To Convert ERC20 URUS To BEP20 URUS

Part 1

  1. Visit https://burgerswap.org/transit

  2. Connect your wallet and make sure you are on the Ethereum network

  3. After your wallet is connected, select the first dropdown.

  4. Paste the ERC20 Urus contract address (0x6c5fbc90e4d78f70cc5025db005b39b03914fc0c)

  5. Select the Urus token by clicking on it

  6. Input the amount of token you want to convert in the second input box.

  7. Click Approve button to approve the smart contract

  8. Click Create Crosschain asset

  9. Approve the transaction in MetaMask and wait for the confirmation.

The video below shows this process. After you have completed the process above, please continue to the next section.

Part 2

  1. After you have created the Crosschain asset, change your MetaMask to the BSC network while on BurgerSwap website. (Click Here For Guide On Setting Up BSC In MetaMask)

  2. Confirm you are currently on the BSC chain by looking at the wallet address and logo in the top right corner.

  3. Scroll down to the "Transit record" section of the page.

  4. In that section, you will notice there is a new record for the conversion of ERC20 token into a BEP20 token with a "Receive" button.

  5. Click on Receive.

  6. Approve the transaction in MetaMask.

  7. Wait for the transaction to be approved.

  8. Once the transaction is approved, confirmed you have received the BEP20 version of the Urus token by looking inside your MetaMask wallet.

  9. If no URUS token exists, please click "Add Token" button in MetaMask.

  10. Enter the BEP20 URUS token address (0x33a46b5b71f4689ff290da93e08972917a5e6634) into the contract address field and click save.

Converting BEP20 to ERC20 works the same exact way as above with one small change. Instead of starting on the Ethereum network, you will start the process on the BSC network.

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