In order to further the utility of our platform and the Urus token, Aurox has partnered up with Binance Broker Network in order to give up to 50% rebates on the fees paid during trading.

Background and Terms

The rebate program will officially begin on May 1st.

If you're already utilizing Binance Futures through our platform, congrats, you're already earning rebate fees!

But since this functionality is new and we have yet to fully integrate it into Aurox, the first payout will not happen until July 1st. All rebates and trading fees accumulated from May 1st till June 30th will be paid out to Urus token holders the first week of July. Meaning the entire rebate earned during the first 60 days will be paid out in one chunk. Afterward, rebates will be paid out every 30 days.

Once the final integration with our terminal is done, users who gained rebate fees will be able to authorize their Web3 based wallet (such as MetaMask) with Aurox.

If the owner of that wallet holds Urus tokens, they will be sent up to 50% of their fees back in the form of either USDT or BNB (depending on their trading pairs).

In order to be eligible for the rebates, the user must be staking, holding, or providing liquidity with at least 25 $URUS Tokens!

How To Take Part In The Rebate Program

The process is simple. We'll breakdown each step below:

  1. Sign up for Binance Futures OR Utilize your already existing Binance Futures accounts

  2. Log into your Binance Futures account.

  3. Create API keys

  4. Link your API keys to Aurox

  5. Start trading and earning rebates!

Signing Up For Binance Futures

If you already have a Binance Futures account, you can skip this step. If you do not, simply head over to, and sign up for an account. Once you have signed up, please validate your account by going through the appropriate KYC review system.

Please Note: Binance Futures is only available for non-USA residents. Our team is working hard to bring the rebate functionality for both USA residents and spot traders in the near future!

Creating API Keys

  1. Visit

  2. Type in the label for the API key, such as "Aurox"

  3. Click "Create API Key"

  4. Go through the appropriate 2-factor authentication if necessary

  5. Once the API key is created, please remember to copy down the API key and the API secret

  6. Enable "Binance Futures" setting on the API key.

If you're having problems creating the API keys, please refer to Binance documentation:

Linking API Keys To Aurox

Depending on whether you are using the Lite version of Aurox or Grid Version, the instructions on linking your API keys are different for each one. A quick video on how to do it on both versions is below.

Please Note: During the process, you will be prompted to enter a "trading lock password". This password will protect your API keys and serves as a way to encrypt your API keys. If you ever lose this password, the API keys will forever be lost.

Finally, your API keys are NEVER stored on our servers unencrypted. Ordering functionality is done via your browser directly with the exchange. Our backend never stores or processes your orders.

In order to access ordering functionality, you'll be able to unlock the ordering function for certain timespans. The system will prompt you to enter a password to unlock the ordering functionality every time.

Grid Version

Lite Version

Once the API keys are linked, you're ready to begin trading! Please let us know if you run into any issues or have any problems:

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